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With the evolving real estate landscape, digital presence has never been more important. Agent brand identity and reputation can make or break careers, which is why our in-house marketing support team is available for agents at any time to assist with brand development, lead generation, social media, and any other marketing-related topic. Our team is committed to building agent brands and growing awareness through clean and effective marketing strategies.

We curate digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to agent needs and individual brands. Additionally, our lead generation is done in-house and never through third party agencies, allowing for greater transparency, lower costs, and more efficient support. Schedule a call today to speak with a marketing team member to learn more about our techniques.

We offer two primary layers of support for all agents. First, upon request any agent can be paired with a personal mentor who will assist with every aspect their real estate career. We personalizes a curriculum for new agents, and mentors remain on call for ongoing guidance and support. With nearly $1B in total closed transaction volume, our mentors have a breadth of experience in every real estate sector, ranging from residential and commercial to industrial and business sales.

Every agent also has access to CREMS Concierge—our on-demand, around the clock, virtual personal assistant. CREMS is a text-based agent services channel where agents can ask questions or submit requests for virtually anything, including contract walkthroughs, negotiation guidance, general market questions, marketing, legal, compliance, and more. All questions or requests are directed to the appropriate department to ensure thorough and efficient responses.

Chamberlain Real Estate runs on Link’s proprietary technology that was built to streamline day-to-day operations for agents, whether it be at home, in the office, or on the go. Agents can tap into our online portal to gain greater real-time visibility and control over their tasks, transactions, and overall performance.

Powered By Link Brokerages

Powered By Link Brokerages

Years of experience at traditional brokerages brought to light the many flaws and inefficiencies that hinder productivity and relationship-building within real estate. By understanding the needs of the agent—and how satisfying those needs activates a better client experience—we’re able to bring people together in ways that haven’t been done before.

Link offers a model that cares less about the brokerage name and more about agent success.

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